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Posted:  April 27, 2012


My GPS (God Powered System)

God knows I've reached the end of many of my roads, most of the time taking the roughest, longest, most curved roads possible, often getting stuck in the mud or adrift in a snowbank or stalled, because I was too distracted or lazy to gas up or I risked getting out on the open road with a lemon for a car, instead of waiting until I could locate and afford a more reliable, dependable set of wheels. Or I'd be cruising along enjoying myself taking in the scenery and all the sudden hit a dead end. Many detours had to be taken because I didn't read the warning signs.

Lord knows, I was good at picking out transportation that looked good on the outside, but inside was a jumbled up mess of wires, nuts and bolts, leaking oil, and steam rolling out of the radiator - completely undependable to get me where I needed to go, which would leave me all alone and with my tires completely flattened out.

I am speaking metaphorically, of course, but I've been down so many roads and taken so many wrong turns, that I couldn't even begin to tell you how many times I've been lost. Thank goodness, I now have my own GPS (God Powered System).

What does this God Powered System (GPS) do for me? It guides me. It gives me instructions. It offers me comfort when I feel lost. It sends a warning signal via this tiny little sense of knowing calling out letting me know when I'm doing something wrong, when I need to ask forgiveness, when I need to reach out and help someone. What makes my GPS run? It's as simple as reading the Bible daily, praying and attending church on a regular basis. All these things feed into my GPS sending signals that will keep me from harm and will help me become a better person. Of course, I will still run into some dead ends, but having my GPS with me at all times gives me a sense of being loved, a sense of security I've never known before. It's a relief to know that I don't have to try to figure things out on my own. When I don't have an answer, I turn on my GPS. It may not provide the answer back to me right away, but I have faith it will in time, so I never have to worry about much of anything. My tires are full of air, fresh oil is in the car, my battery is fully charged and I'm ready to take another trip down life's highway, only this time, I know it will be a good ride with my GPS guiding me all the way to my final destination.


Posted:  April 24, 2012

My Number One Prayer

I feel God is leading me to post this prayer that I have prayed two times a day for nearly the past two months.  In all things, may God's will be done...

In Jesus name, may my prayers release the spirit of forgiveness into Amber and Jeff's body, so that they are able to let go of all their past hurts.  By the blood of Jesus, may they know their sins are washed away.  May they open their hearts to the love of God, the love of each other, the love of their children, in that order.  May they remember that what God has joined together, no man or woman can separate.  May God bless Amber, Jeff, Nancy, Emilee, Jospeh, Michael and Baine.  May God bring them back together as a family in Jesus' name.  May God reign down blessings of favor on them so that they may restart their lives together on the right track.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen


Posted:  April 20, 2012

It's A Beautiful Thing!

The campground where I am staying, Lazy JD, probably won't make it in the top ten list in most people's opinion, because it doesn't have the amenities of a resort, such as a swimming pool/hot tub, kids playground area, etc., however, it has something that's rare to find these days. Peace and quiet! It's far enough from the main road that you're not disturbed by the occasional traffic. Best of all, there is no light pollution. I can't even describe to you how much clearer and closer the stars look without all the glare from street lights and city lights. The campground doesn't even have poles with lights, other than one solar light near the hookups. I'm looking forward to those weekends when Al comes home and we can sit outside in our lawn chairs with our necks stretched upwards, gazing at the billions of twinkling spots of light set against a pitch black background, breathing in the fresh, clear night air and not even having to worry much about mosquitos. It's a beautiful thing!

I'm going to be heading to Midland tonight to see two of my grandkids, Emry Jo and Tukker. Eight month old, Emry, with her delicate frame, and sweet smile, and inquisitive blue eyes, is a treat to watch as she pesters her big brother, Tukker. She doesn't just pester him...she worships him. Six year old, Tukker, takes his role as big brother very seriously. He's gentle with her, never getting shook up when she reaches out and grabs the wire to his hearing piece, cutting off his ability to hear her little jibber jabbers. He just releases the wires from her hands and puts the magnetic device back on his head, never raising his voice, just quietly telling her, "No." He doesn't get irritated when she tries to grab the video game controls from him, he just moves over a little more. Soon, she's right back on him. Tukker deserves big brother of the year award. He's protective, loving and patient with her. It's a beautiful thing!

About every other day I get a multimedia text from my daughter, Arin. I can hardly wait for it to download. Always, after download is complete, what I see makes me laugh outloud. The pics are of my eight month old grandson, Gunner, who has a smile as big as the state of Texas. Seeing him and his wide-eyed, uninhibitied smile, makes me laugh out loud every time. He was born with his mom's lips - full and wide, perfect for giving slobbery, smacking kisses. The latest picture is one of him with his lips pressed to the glass in the door. With his mouth wide open and his lips spread across the glass, he looks like a cartoon character. It's a beautiful thing!

Technology - I can't keep up nor do I want to even try. It all befuddles my mind. However, I can say that I don't know how I ever lived without a GPS. In the past, much time was wasted trying to find someone's house or a place of business. The car we just bought came with a built in Navigation system, not a deal breaker for the car deal, but a very handy tool,especially when coming across six states to get back to South Dakota. The built in screen even shows icons of restaurants, attractions and points of interest along the way. Once, when our gas was under a quarter of a tank, I wondered why it didn't show icons for gas stations. I presumed it was because there are so many that it would fill up the screen. As if by magic, once the signal came on telling me to fill up because of a low tank, I looked at the Navigation monitor and all these gas station icons lit up the map. I don't know how it happened, don't even want to know. I sometimes wonder if Big Brother is watching, but I like the convenience of this new fangled stuff. It's a beautiful thing!



Home Sweet Home

View from RV at Lazy JD Campground

Posted:  April 13, 2012


At Home at the Lazy JD or I'M BACK (in more ways than one!!!)

I'm starting to get my bearings in my new digs.    I've been feeling discombobulated and couldn't seem to get myself into any kind of routine. 

When I first learned what discombobulated meant back in my early twenties I thought, "Now, finally a word that describes how I am really feeling much of the time..."  Discombobulated can mean confused, frustrated, and/or upset.  For me, it's more about a state of confusion than about being frustrated or upset. 

With trying to readjust to Mountain time after six months living on East Coast time, not only did I feel confused, I felt misplaced, out of whack, out of sorts, or to sum it up, just plain off.   I've been off for the past two weeks.   I think I'm finally getting back on track, getting my mojo back, feeling up to speed, well, you get the picture.  

Funny how routine used to be hard for me most of my life.  Now, in my fifties, I rather like routines.   They feel comfortable to me now.  My life in the past could have been best described as a discombobulated state of mania.  Now I find great peace and comfort in my morning routine of reading the Bible and praying and meditating.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation coupled with long hours on the road as we made our way home, then great feelings of elation as we visited two of our daughters and their families, coupled by disappointment at not being able to visit our oldest daughter and family due to a family situation.   Much joy.  Much sorrow.  Up.  Down. 

There have been some major highlights the past several weeks: 

Getting to know Al's son, Jim, better and eating his garlic butter ribeyes!

Watching Gunner and Emry interact together!

Hugging my friends, Cheryl and Arnell, who I had the pleasure of working with in the past!

Being blessed by Pastor Garry and the rest of our church family to have a safe trip home and to find a new church family (will begin my search Sunday)!

Watching Tukker gather Easter eggs at the Easter egg hunt in Midland and the excitment on his face as he realized he won the most prizes!

Watching and playing dodge ball and kick ball with two of my daughters, their husbands, my husband and my ex-husband, my grandson and others - the real highlight was watching Al take a few spills to the ground - he's such a good sport and didn't complain about his sore muscles later!

It was sad to drop my husband, Al, off at the airport on Monday, knowing it would be two months before we get to be together again.  However, we are both very grateful that Al has a good job and that with his position being eliminated that the federal government was able to relocate him to a new job. 

And I am extremely grateful to God that I am home where I can see for miles and miles, where I can sit in the quiet undisturbed by the noise of heavy traffic whizzing by our house, where the only noise I hear is the wind rustling through the tree (yes, Terry in Virginia, that is singular) where I can continue my role as grandma and where I can reconnect with old friends, even though I miss the new friends I made in Virginia. 

Our trip home was pleasant - good weather all the way with the good company of my husband.    It will take me a few days to adjust to life in the RV alone out here in a pasture with only the campground owners driving by occasionally.  But I have deer and I have wild turkeys and millions of stars up in the sky.  So far, I haven't spotted the elusive jacklope, Homer, but if I find one, I'll snap a picture and send it to you. 

If you are in the Rapid City/Black Hills area and are searching for a campground, I highly recommend the Lazy JD Campground, take exit 55 off of I-90, go north for 6.5 miles.  There are only fourteen RV spots.  It's close to all the attractions and shopping, but far enough out to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  They offer extended stay rates.  There isn't all the frills and fluff amenities that some campgrounds offer.  What you get is a reasonable rate, some stunning views where rolling prairie meets the gentle slopes of the Black Hills.  The, owners, the Beckhams are friendly folks.  One perk is a small cabin, which houses a homey, cozy laundry room, complete with books and magazines to borrow, along with four separate personal bathrooms complete with showers offering all the privacy you want, unlike most campground showers, these are all decorated like home.  Here's their contact info:  4110 South Highway 16 Rapid City, SD 57701 (605) 342-2751

Drop in and see me.  It's heaven out here.  I could get used to this living in the country, but I best get to town and get some rations.  Yeeee  haaaaaaa!!!! I am home!!!!!!!!

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