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Posted:  April 26, 2016


Sometimes, we just have to step out and say POW!  Most of you have longed to do or try something, and may have held back.  I encourage you to take a leap with a gigantic POW! and just do it.  Try not to waste time worrying about it or over-analyzing it (need to heed my own advice here).  If it’s within your means financially, call upon that power from above and go for it.  None of us want to be left with regrets.  If you aren’t ready financially, then make it a priority to save for it.  Focus your time and energy on looking for creative ways to build up your funds and make it happen.  Pray.  God wants you to achieve your dreams. 

I know that if you have a longing inside you, it’s meant to be and you will never be able to get rid of it until you do something about it.  Maybe you want to learn how to play the mandolin – do it!  Maybe you want to learn to belly dance – shake it up!  Does becoming a world champion disc golfer appeal to you?  Get out there and practice!  Perhaps you wish to relocate to your ideal location. I personally got to do this in 2007 – could there be any place better than the Black Hills of South Dakota (not in my opinion)?  Maybe you want to change careers, but you don’t think you have what it takes.  Maybe you want to start a farm and raise alpacas.  If your dream is to be an animal behaviorist, I have a dog you can take as your first patient.  Does chasing storms sound like fun to you?  Seems like these days, you’d have lots of job security.  If you are still a kid at heart, maybe designing new toys is perfect for you.  Do people always compliment you on your cooking?  Maybe you’re longing to start your own catering business – go for it!  People pay good money to pig-out.  Or if you’re like me and burn much of what you cook, maybe you could become a fire extinguisher salesperson.  Whatever you are longing for, say POW!  Go for it!

For anyone reading this, first of all thank you -- if you got this far, then I know I’m a capable writer, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.  I’m no near ready to publish any great American novels, however, anything I read about having a writing career says that if you’re serious, you need to attend a writers conference once every year or so.  So POW!  I booked an airline ticket, reserved a hotel room and paid the registration fee, before I let my introverted, neurotic self talk myself out of it.  With “pow” being the beginning of the word “power”, which creates the action part of the noun, I will call upon my faith in God and His power to pull me through this thing that I’m scared to do.  I’m going to be sitting with a room full of strangers in crazy Las Vegas for three days all on my own.   It’s going to take every ounce of courage in me to walk up to the registration desk and introduce myself.  A part of me hopes no one talks to me, and yet, if they don’t I’m going to feel like an outcast.  I just hope I don’t trip and go flying across the room landing in someone’s lap or something.  Hey, it’s happened before (more than once).  This is something I’ve longed to do for years, now the time has come.  POW!

(Thank you to my husband, Al, because without his encouragement and financial support, I couldn’t do this.)




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