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INTRODUCTION:  This section is dedicated to my personal ramblings – it can be about anything, from a favorite product or service, to an opinion I feel strongly about, to a personal essay, to an attempt at adding humor to my otherwise boring day.  Whatever posted here will be highly personal and is my feeble attempt at exposing myself to the world as a writer, something that doesn't come easy for me.  I welcome any comments from anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings and will respond back to you (unless you are being overly offensive, in which case, I’ll just ignore you.)  I don’t know if you’d consider this a blog – blogs are written by people who have a particular expertise in some subject – I have no expertise in anything.  Thus, my ramblings…

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NOTICE:  You won't find July 2013 Ramblings, as I was suffering from sheer laziness and writer's's over now, but probably not necessarily a good's not like I'm writing anything to change the world or earth shattering, but I guess, if someone cracks a smile at my silliness, then I have succeeded. 



Posted:  August 26, 2013


Facebook Postings – Beware

All of us Facebook junkies have read postings that make us want to reach into the computer and rip to shreds the profile picture of the person who just posted an annoying, whiny or idiotic jumble of words (the ripping to shreds being symbolic of really wanting to choke some sense into a person if only we could get our itchy fingers around their necks…)  Of course, these people sharing our social networking site are our “friends” so therefore, we aren’t allowed to have such thoughts.  Technically, even if they aren’t friends we shouldn’t have such thoughts….but seriously, sometimes you wonder if the there is any common sense left in the world.  You know I am just joking...however....

What I mean by that is that first and foremost, the most important thing to note about Facebook is that it is public -- people seem to forget this.  I don’t care how many privacy settings you have set up.  If you have even just one friend, which we all race to add friends so we can look and feel “popular”…come on admit it…then, frankly, what you have posted is subject to be read and/or talked about by who knows how many people out there in networking computer land. 

The one sure way to get into trouble with your Facebook postings is to write something negative about your job.  You might think you can trust the group of friends you have, but nothing spreads quicker than someone saying negative comments – people notice and they talk about it, and before you know it, what you have posted might get back to your employer and you just might find yourself standing in the unemployment line facing a never ending battle of trying to convince future employers that you are a valuable and trusted employee and that you are loyal to an organization.  Also, you don’t know who your friends friends are – they might just be that connection that gets you in trouble.  Employers can’t afford to have their employees spreading negative stuff on the Internet.  So, while we all get annoyed with our employers we must remember that grumbling about it on a world-wide social network is not going to earn us any brownie points.  In fact, in 2009, it was reported that 8% of employers fired employees for their negative comments about their work.  Currently, there are over 200 million active users on Facebook, so that percentage would naturally have grown substantially since 2009.

Employers sometimes even track our personal Facebook postings to see what kind of personality we have – it’s not hard to tell by following someone for a bit to tell if they are naturally a negative person.  If you appear to be a Debbie-downer, your employer may be reluctant to have you associated with their company in any way.  If you are positive and upbeat on Facebook, a potential employer will likely think you will be at work, as well. 

Most of us aren’t afraid to post our political and religious views, which is okay and, of course, our right, however, just be respectful of others views, as well.  Please don’t participate in spreading “untrue” news and propaganda against those with opposing views – in the end it will only make you look petty and unreliable and there again, you don’t know who might be in power next month, next year or in the future and this could come back to haunt you.

I did in fact, succomb to trying to have a religious debate with my 16 year old grandson, who announced publically on Facebook, that he is an atheist.  While I do believe in his right to choose, I also believe he is not yet educated enough to make that decision, so therefore, I got caught up in the moment trying to prove my point by sharing some of my knowledge of God.  I am sure that some people were annoyed with this back and forth banter between grandma and grandson, and for this, I apologize, however, I as a grandmother, will always hold to my right to pray privately and publically for my grandson and others I care about.  There, how annoying was that, but then this is my website...

I have seen a few negative attitudes on Facebook and it makes me sad.  Frankly, people who are constantly posting that negative stuff (bitching about other people, the world, their jobs, the economy, their health, the sad state of their life, etc.) are only exposing their true personalities and I believe, they are only adding to their own misery.  I believe if they would turn their frowns upside down and start posting some happy thoughts for themselves and others, that their whole world would turn around.  It’s not to say that we all haven’t posted a negative posting here and there – we are all human, but when that’s all someone can come up with each and every day, day after day, they quickly become the one you want to delete from your group and often do.  If you find yourself being “unfriended” numerous times, you might want to take a hard look at your attitude about life. 

Facebook is wonderful, in my opinion, for sharing photos.  I love looking at friends’ photos of having a good time at family gatherings or a party or new birth of a baby, etc.  It’s a way for me to share in their joy, even if I wasn’t actually there and I feel blessed that they are sharing it with me. 

Facebook is a great place to find uplifting stories and messages.  Many of us post our favorite inspirational quotes and hope that others can benefit from the words of wisdom.  Facebook is a great place to share recipes and I’ve tested a few that were posted.  It’s a great place to announce an upcoming event, to help promote a business that you think is worthy and to just share information with your fellowman.  With all this and more going for it, it appears Facebook will be around forever and I will continue to enjoy it throughout my lifetime. 

I hope that my little warnings might help someone think twice about the responsibility they have to act and post bearing in mind what "image" you are putting out there.  It’s not that we shouldn’t all be ourselves on Facebook, yes, we should, but just remember that it’s not a forum to air your dirty laundry.  If you’re mad at your spouse or a friend or relative, take it up with them personally.  Don’t share it with the whole world, because in essence that is what you are doing if you post it on Facebook.  As my mother, JoAnn Sell, always said to me about real life and people, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  Seems to me this advice would work just as well in cyber-space.  J J J


Posted:  August 2, 2013 

Unrequited Love or Damn, That Hurt You Dumbass!

Last Monday, I did what I do every Monday, got myself settled in front of the TV to watch The Bachelorette.  Ashamedly, I am a reality show junky.  When people poke fun of me, I use the excuse that I am a writer and that I need to study how people react and behave in all different kinds of situations.  But mostly, I love the talent shows and the singing competitions, because I love watching people reach their dreams.  I am also crazy romantic at heart and so, have been addicted to the Bachelor and Bachelorette since they began airing.  Silly, I know, since the vast majority break up within a month after the show airs.  One reality show that I haven’t quite gotten into YET is Duck Dynasty, however, I see bits and pieces of it and it’s starting to grow on me. 

But back to The Bachelorette…I watched two hours of Desiree spending her last days with the final three handsome bachelors.  Desiree was chosen for the Bachelorette due to her tremendous popularity from last season’s show, where Shawn let her go.  In fact, Desiree’s popularity has grown even more…it seems that everyone loves her…the public loves her…I love her…the bachelors all seemed to love her and at least three of them have professed their love to her, however, the shocking news of this episode was that Brooks (the man she professed to love to Chris Harrison, the host), confessed first to his family, then to the host, then to Desiree, that he did not, in fact, love her, at least not “madly.”  His confession sent Desiree into a spiral of brokenness – it was horrible to watch as she spoke openly of her love for him, even though he didn’t love her back, that damn unrequited love.  I just wanted to reach into the TV and hug the poor woman and say, “Hey, it’s okay.  You’ll get past this.  It only hurts for a little while.”  But mostly, I wanted to reach into the TV and slap Brooks into reality (ha!) as if much of the world doesn’t believe this show is a fake.  I wanted to shake him and say, “Look, you stupid fool…the whole world loves this woman and she’s not good enough for you!  She is sweet, funny, every man’s dream of a woman, smart and in love with your dumb ass, what the hell is your problem…” but then I realized I was overreacting just a tad…because, well, this whole episode brought back some pretty painful memories of my own past experiences with unrequited love. 

In the past, one very special guy once told me, “I love you, but I don’t feel like I can’t live without you, so I’m dumping your ass…” – well, okay, he didn’t say that last part, because he was too nice of a guy…but like Desiree I didn’t understand and I went into a spiral of brokenness.  But in time, I healed.  Truth is, I’ve been dumped too many times to admit, because it’s so embarrassing and makes me look like a loser, when in fact, I am just me.  It took until my late 40s to realize, well, if someone doesn’t love me, that’s okay.  It’s sad when things don’t work out the way you hoped, but frankly, it’s their loss.  Life is too short to cry over someone who doesn’t see your value, who doesn’t treasure you just as you are.  So Desiree, wipe away those tears and stand tall.  Go ahead and open your heart to love again.  It really is better to have loved and lost, then not at all, because those memories of being in love will stay with you forever, or at least until the next handsome stud comes along. Ha!

The show also made me think about my grandkids and how they will grow up and more than likely, someone is going to break their heart, and I just want to protect them from that.  I hate the thought of someone hurting them, even though, it is a fact of life and we all have to learn how to deal with the disappointments of life, especially the harsh reality of unrequited love.  I would rather have my own heart broke a million times than have my grandkids experience this.  Well, I guess granny will just have to kick their dumb asses, the dumpers, that is…just kidding.

As for The Bachelorette, my theory is that Brooks is going to wake up and realize what he lost and come back to the show and propose to Desiree next week, but that’s just probably the little girl in me who loves a happy ending.  You would think a woman my age would learn that life isn’t a fairy tale, but even at my age a small part of me still refuses to believe that. 





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