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Posted:  December 26, 2012

Forlorn Christmas Tree

It stands there nearly six feet tall trying to look and feel festive, but in a mad rush it was stripped bare of all of its bright colored packages that were jam-packed beneath it.   It can’t help but feel out of place in the room now.  Its’ branches are sagging and some of the Christmas ornaments have lost their luster.  The lights no longer blink.  Half of them are not even lit anymore.   Its’ owners don’t even bother to flip the switch to the lights, so it stands there taking up space, where it will remain until someone in the household finally gets a burst of energy and hauls up the Christmas boxes from the basement and begins to strip the tree of its holiday decorations. 

It feels used and humiliated knowing it will be discarded to the dark corner of the basement.  It didn’t take long for the owners to forget the spirit of Christmas the tree represented.  Nearly as soon as the presents were distributed and opened, there came upon the room as sense of let down after months of anticipation that all will be well in the world, at least for one day, if people will just find the Christmas spirit and give to each other in love. 

Now a day after the chaos of Christmas is over, forgotten is the spirit of giving that the tree represents.  The tree sighs in exasperation, knowing that next year, it will start over again.  Someone will lug it and the boxes of Christmas ornaments up from the basement and will carefully set it up and adorn it with ribbons, bows, shiny ornaments, and numerous presents under the tree.  The only problem is those presents are material.  They represent the craziness of the season, the mad rush to hurry up and shop and get the right present and spend too much money trying to make everybody happy.  The tree knows that’s not what makes everybody happy.  It sees how commercialized everything has become.  It knows that families are stressed out and weary from trying to keep up with the expectations of the holiday. 

The tree knows the answer is in a story, the real story of the birth of a baby in a manger, one who came bringing the greatest gift of all, forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  The trees knows that if its owners could just grasp the beauty of this gift and accept it as their own, that there would be no let down after the wrapping paper had been carried out to the garbage cans.  The tree knows that if only the owners and their families would get this concept deep down in their hearts, the spirit of Christmas and giving would last all year, not just for a few short weeks of madness.   The tree knows and it tears up feeling forlorn as the owner puts the lid on its box shutting out the outside light.  “Merry Christmas, everyone,” whispers the tree.




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Posted:  December 23, 2012

Christmas Letter

What a year and a half of a whirlwind it's been!  It's been a season of change, new beginnings, saying good bye to family and long time loyal and loving friends, building precious new relationships with some pretty awesome people and then having to tell them goodbye, then coming back home to our beloved family and friends full of happiness and yet bittersweet with having to leave behind some of the most friendly and loving people on earth. 

We moved to Virginia a year and a half ago and then moved back six months later.  Al transferred from Virginia to North Dakota and then made the decision to retire from the federal government and take on a new job and move back to South Dakota permanently.  He feels fortunate that he'll never again have to leave home. 

They say that moving can be one of the most stressful events of a lifetime.   I personally tried to see it as an adventure, while deep inside I longed for home, for South Dakota, for my daugthers and their families.  

While away from South Dakota, lots of positive things happened in our lives.  We became members of a church, and not just any church, but a church guided by love.  We were accepted by some wonderful people there who didn't care about what mistakes we ever made in the past.  They just accepted us for who we were in that moment.  We got to live near the ocean and collect sea shells.  We got to host Al's son, Jimmy, and his sister, LaDonna, in our home away from home.  We got to spend Thanksgiving dinner with our beloved neighbor, Alice, and her family and eat succatash and collard greens and things I don't even remember the name of.   We got to share our Christmas dinner with our newfound friends and pastor in Virginia.  We got to travel all over the East Coast and visited many of the states out there.  We discovered little known places full of treasure.  The treasure being friendly people willing to share their stories. 

Since coming home, we've gotten to spend numerous hours with our grandchildren, which has given us so much entertainment and joy.  We've gotten our home set back up to look like we never left.  We've been making new friends through our jobs and have been reconnecting with our old friends.   We have been missing our friends from Virginia and looking forward to visiting them again one day.

We have been saying lots of prayers and finding them answered.  My aunt, Marilyn and my friend, Karen, are cancer free, as well as, Al's son, Jimmy.  Our friend, Nancy's grandson, Lawson, continues to get better and grow.  Amber and Jeff have reconciled and are working toward a better life for themselves and their children.  Our friend, Connie, recovered from her close call.  We were brought back home. 

Prayers continue for our friend, Butch, and his full recovery from cancer and for his wife, Cindy, for strength as she helps him through this period of healing.  And, of course, we ask for healing for my Aunt Shirley and Counsin Carla and know that along with others, these too will be answered.

Prayers also continue for other friends-my long time friend, Carla and her husband, Dan.  He was in a car wreck last week and has been told he'll be in a wheel chair the rest of his life.  Be assured that the many that are praying for you are expecting more and believing in a miraculous recovery. 

I've loved keeping in touch via Facebook and watching my cousin, Doris Ann, become a grandmother for the first time.  Facebook has helped me keep track of those who've moved away and are missed, including Melissa and her family.  We got to share in Al's sister's marriage via posting on Facebook.  We've shared pictures and viewed pictures from others.  We've got to share in my friend, Cheryl's life and her joys.  We've got to listen to the beautiful singing voice of Christie.     

There has been so much tradgedy going on around this world.  It's not easy sometimes to keep the faith, but we are happy to report that God is good, that we treasure each and every one of you in our hearts and that we count our friendships and family as the biggest blessing of all. 

Merry Christmas everyone!  We love you!


Posted:  December 4, 2012

Twitter Stories

Twitter stories are short fictional tales that are supposed to "pack an emotional punch" and they have to be 140 characters or less (which includes spaces).  Below are my first attempts at creating stories in this genre...not yet posted on Twitter, because, frankly, I haven't even figured out exactly what twitter is...LOL!  Somewhere I heard that, as a writer, I'm supposed to build up a fan base using more social this might be a start, who knows!  LOL!  Anyway, if you'd like to try your hand at twitter stories, I'll gladly post your masterpiece(s) here...I'm sure it'll be better than mine.  (Leave a message below in the guestbook to share your stories.)


Dan stuck his hand near the blade of the snow blower to clear a wedged rock.  The snow turned red.  Then he remembered the off switch.  


The numbers nearly popped off the paper.  Her heart raced.  Could a million dollars make that much of a difference?  Soon she would know.


He felt guilty for horse-whipping his old nag.  That’s what she gets for dumping him.  She threw him right into a pile of cactus, no less.


A forecloser sign was posted in the front yard even before their last box got loaded into the truck.  Dog barked.  Baby cried.  Heart ached.


Before she could scream, he tore her panties off.  Then everything went black.  He woke up alone with blood gushing from his head.  Bitch!


He scoffed at the word. Hero? He only saved the guy first, because he was in his way.  He had to move him or they would both die.  Damn war.


Sara told Ted she loathed camping.  Lost, dark surrounding her with temps below freezing, she vowed, if she survived, she was leaving him.

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