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 Posted:  January 31, 2014

Cousins Big Chair Pub and Pizza

22493 US Hwy 385 South

 (approx. 20 miles West of Rapid City/20 miles east of Deadwood)

Deadwood, SD 57732


Open:  Year-Round

My brother-in-law, Brad, heard an advertisement about this place on TV.  Since our favorite pizza place (see Knocks My Socks Off tab) was closed for the season, and we all had a hankerin’ for some pizza that might fall in the equivalent category of the “best darn pizza in the world,” we dared to venture to this new place.  On the drive over, we all discussed how we would just have to accept that they couldn’t come close to being as good as our favorite pizza place…

We were wrong.  On their menu, they boldly proclaim to have the “Best Pizza in the Hills!”  After being greeted by a friendly woman, Christine, the owner, we knew for sure it wasn’t going to be a bad time, but would the pizza measure up.  We noted from the menu that we could order a Meat Lovers Pizza with 4 ingredients, and then could choose to add on from a list of thirteen other ingredients to complement our choice.  We choose eleven of the extra ingredients and waited.

In the background, music of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin played (not my favorite, but enjoyable).  Every now and then, we could hear the chef singing from the kitchen.  We occupied ourselves reading the signs and displays and observing the décor and commented how busy the place was for a January winter day in an out of the way place.  We learned from the owner, Christine, that she and her brother and other family members had just moved there from Minnesota in March to take over from the previous owners.  She informed us that starting in June, there would be picnic tables outside, giving you more seating options.  While the Pub was cozy, it would fill up fast in the summer.  Also coming in the summer would be blue grass music concerts out by the “Big Chair,” events that we look forward to attending.

Our pizza came.  The aroma teased us.  It looked appealing, but admittedly we all were not sure if it would come close to measuring up, as the edges of the crust were small, although, cooked to golden perfection.  We proceeded to dine on our treasure and a treasure it was! We found the 2nd best pizza in the world!  To top that off, we were encouraged to try the Zappolis for desert – lightly fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and buried in carmel sauce.  This almost made Cousins Big Chair Pub and Pizza run over our other favorite pizza joint in ratings – they are close – ever so close. 

Oh, yeah, the beer was cold, the service excellent and the overall experience near perfect.  And the menu includes other items like subs, salads and appetizers (example:  chicken fried bacon with raspberry jalapeno sauce). 

The place wasn’t fancy, just down home fun! 

 (Oh and Big Time Pizza in Keystone - you remain our #1 Favorite Pizza in the World!)


Posted:  January 24, 2014


Favorite Colors

My two favorite colors, the ones that I immediately am drawn to, are yellow and turquoise.  Silly to admit, I have over 880 pins on my Pinterest Board titled “Favorite Colors” and I add more each day.  Scrolling through the hundreds of images from other people's boards, my eyes always land on any photo of an item that is primarily in these color categories.  Bright yellow just makes me “happy.”  I like turquoise, partly because I know that it softens my completion when I wear it.  I was curious to know why I am so attracted to these colors, so I Googled it.  Here are some interesting tidbits:

  1. To bring out your most creative ideas, always write on a yellow note pad.  I am definitely going to try this – maybe it will help inspire me and bring me out of my writers block.
  2. Symbolically, yellow stands for wisdom.  Maybe I should surround myself with more yellow.  I have a yellow kitchen – it makes me happy to be in there, but maybe I’ll pay more attention to my thoughts when in this room – maybe some insightful words of wisdom will pop into my mind.
  3. Yellow helps you to think more clearly and make better decisions.  Maybe office spaces should use yellow instead of tan, white, blah blah blah and they’d get more brilliant ideas from their employees. Who can think with all the fluorescent lights causing your eyes to hurt.  Maybe softer yellow lights would help people be happier in their work environments.
  4. Yellow can help ward off depression during long winter months…that explains why I can sit for hours pinning pics of my favorite colors and not wonder why I am sitting there wasting all that time.  I feel strangely inspired by my Favorite Colors board. 
  5. Many of the sites I’m reading about color state that people who love yellow are creative and, basically, have sunnier dispositions. 
  6. Supposedly, people who love turquoise are friendly and easy going.
  7. People who love turquoise are often compassionate and empathetic.
  8. Turquoise lovers are often good at multi-tasking – I am good at this at work – not so much at home.
  9. Some sites say that if you love the color turquoise, you are perceptive.  I personally have always believed that this is one of my strengths, being able to “perceive” situations and people and things around me. 
  10. One site states that I may be attracted to turquoise, because it is the color that can heal emotions.  It’s no secret that I’ve been an emotional basket-case most of my life, but have gotten calmer in these later years of my life.
  11. On the down side, people who love turquoise, can often be narcissistic.  I know for certain that I often worry if I am being “too narcissistic.”  I mean, I struggle with wondering if I think about myself more than is healthy or more than I should or more than I do others.  Let’s see, I wrote the word “I” ten times in this one paragraph….omg – I need to seek help.  Reminds me of something I read in the Bible - something about in the end times people will be narcissistic – lovers of themselves.  Well, I am going to get out my yellow notebook and start pondering on how I can fix this flaw in myself.  I might be kidding, but I’m not really sure.   

What’s your favorite color?  Have you often wondered why?  Check it out – there are hundreds of postings on this topic – it can be both enlightening and overwhelming.  But try not to take it too seriously – and if you start feeling sad, hey, just start gazing at something bright yellow.

And you might note, it’s no coincidence that when I designed this website, I posted many pics of yellow flowers and that my background is shades of blue.    


Posted:  January 20, 2014

For My True and Loyal Friends

I don’t have a huge number of friends.  It’s more about quality than quantity for me.  I find friendships come a little hard and it takes me longer than some to trust and open up to others, but when I do find someone that allows me to go at my own pace and who takes the time to get to know me, then I have formed a life-long relationship.  No matter what events happen, whether it be separation, distance, other relationships, not enough time, etc., I will always consider that person who allowed me to be me and accepted me, in spite of all my shortcomings and crazy quirks, to be bonded for life in friendship.  The following poem could be dedicated to each and every one of them, both past and present.  I thank you all for your special gift of friendship.  You will always be in my prayers. 


How do you express gratitude

For the gift of time and real concern

Laughter and lightening the mood

Tidbits of wisdom you helped me learn

Sharing joys, true life and hard knocks

Ever with your uplifting humor

Making me think outside the box

Of your loyalty I’m always sure

Never a scoff or teasing sound

Patient with my stupidity

Helping my lost self to be found

Bonded tight and yet each one free

Thank you isn’t quite right somehow

Words are not enough for your kindness

Sending up prayers I avow

To God that you are the one to bless.






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