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INTRODUCTION:  This section is dedicated to my personal ramblings – it can be about anything, from a favorite product or service, to an opinion I feel strongly about, to a personal essay, to an attempt at adding humor to my otherwise boring day.  Whatever posted here will be highly personal and is my feeble attempt at exposing myself to the world as a writer, something that doesn't come easy for me.  I welcome any comments from anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings and will respond back to you (unless you are being overly offensive, in which case, I’ll just ignore you.)  I don’t know if you’d consider this a blog – blogs are written by people who have a particular expertise in some subject – I have no expertise in anything.  Thus, my ramblings…

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Posted:  March 30, 2016

Star Gazing Memories

To me, God’s billions of stars in the sky are heavenly to observe on a clear, hot summer night.  I remember when my girls were little, one of our summer pass times was to sit in our driveway in our lounge chairs and put the backs down, lay there and watch the stars above.  The summer night air would be muggy, with no breeze and we’d smell like bug spray, but that didn’t matter.  They would be in their pajamas and we’d just snuggle up tight and watch the sky.  It was especially exciting when we would spot a shooting star.  I taught my girls to make their wishes on them.  Sometimes, we’d sing songs.  I have a horrible voice, but they never seemed to mind.  In fact, my singing would often send them into fits of giggles.  To get the best stargazing views, once in a while we’d load the kids up in the car and drive out to the country and park.  They would get out their blankets and pillows and lay on the hood of the car looking up, laying still and whispering to each other.   These were the best moments of all.  There would always be a sense of awe and a barrage of questions would ensue regarding the meaning of life, God, the universe, and how comes.  It was magical.  I hope that this is one of their favorite memories of us as a family.  We didn’t have much money for entertainment back then, but this sort of family entertainment was priceless.  Sometimes I long to go back in time where I can wrap them in my arms and look up at the stars in the sky and just stop time and keep them as the adorable little girls they were who looked up to me like they looked up to the stars…with twinkles in the eyes and unconditional love in their hearts.   Now that they are grown, they see my flaws, but one thing I hope they always remember is the nights we shared the stars and I hope that they make star-gazing memories with their own kids.   Now I need a Kleenex.

Posted:  March 24, 2016


Today’s world can be marred in ugliness, but fortunately beauty can always be found in nature.  God created a world that can astound the senses and spur the imagination to places it never knew existed.  It is nearly impossible to capture the true essence of natural beauty in a photograph.  The naked eye is the best viewer of God’s canvas.  If you stare at the beauty spread before you long enough, you might be able to commit it to memory and draw on it at some future point.   Remembering the existence of a past dazzling image in nature may improve your mood.  Nature’s beauty both calms the soul and sets it reeling and pondering and desiring for that something out there that is so elusive and unexplainable.  There’s that moment of realizing how small you are in this vast world.  It’s a sense of mystery and a sense of belonging at the same time.  It’s a sense of longing for our Creator, because you know he exists, just by the sheer magnitude of the landscape surrounding you – whether it be an ocean, a mountain range, a forest, a prairie or even a desert.  Beauty is there meshed within the sights, the smells, and the sounds.  Beauty can be as vast as the horizon stretched before you or as tiny as a lady bug crawling on a blade of bright green grass there at your feet.  If you focus on it, the world and all its problems disappear for a time.  Has there ever been anything more beautiful than brand new snow blanketing the landscape, with the sun sparkling on it, highlighting nature’s sequins that shine out so radiantly?  Is there anything more attractive and colorful than the red, orange and golden yellow leaves that have turned?  Can the various shades of aqua, teal, and turquoise capped off with white in the ocean be any more exquisite?  Can anyone deny the breathtaking aspects of pine trees growing out of granite rock reaching out into the cloudless sky?   How do you capture it all with words or with pictures or with a paintbrush?  You can’t really, but you will be inspired to try and with that trying, you just may find a piece of yourself you once lost or didn’t know existed.  That’s beauty. 


Posted:  March 7, 2016


Okay – granny is going to sound off here and it may not be pleasant.  If you and your ex have been split up for a period of time (let’s say longer than several years), all the water under the bridge should be pretty much clear by now and you should be able to act civil to each other, at least when you are attending the same family function, school event, birthday parties, holidays, sporting events, etc. that involve the children you have brought into this world or made the decision to parent together.   

Don’t use what should be your child focused time to scowl at each other, because someone is behind on child support.  That is something that you either discuss in private or let the state handle.  Don’t use this child time being jealous because your ex has moved on with someone else or being jealous of the ex-spouse, who frankly wouldn’t touch your man/woman with a ten foot pole.   That ship sailed a long time ago – get over it.  Don’t use this child time to cause division and strife.   Show your child you’re a grown up and behave…maybe you can even all sit together and show your support.  I promise the world won’t end if you do. 

If the new person in your ex’s life happens to be a significant other that will be spending time with your child, then it’s in the child’s best interest that you all get along and communicate regarding what is expected of the child and what is expected of the non-custodial parents.   Don’t use time that belongs to your child to snub the other parent.  You don’t have to be friends, but you know what, it is possible to be friendly.  Use the one and only thing everyone can agree on – that you both love your child with all your heart – to create a peaceful and respectful environment, so the child never has to feel like he/she is being pulled in two directions like the red center flag tied to a rope for tug of war. 

It’s important to be flexible when you are sharing time with your child with an ex.  I believe a schedule is best for the child – set times when the child knows it’s their time to spend with the non-custodial parent or other parent with joint custody.  That way, the child won’t play the parents against each other, which kids learn pretty quickly how to do.  But there will always be times when exceptions will need to be made and the more flexible you are about this, the better for your child.  Your child doesn’t need to see you getting angry over the fact that their other parent either is requesting more time or is changing the time they are supposed to have, because something else came up.  Whatever the issues the other parent has are their issues and doesn’t need to be discussed with the kid(s).  If you need to vent about it, call a friend. 

I personally spend nearly every holiday and daughters’ and grandchildren’s birthdays  with my ex-husband, who I usually refer to as my kids’ dad or my grandkids’ grandpa.  When you don’t call them an ex, but see them as your child’s parent or grandparent, it is much easier to let go of the negative feelings you carry toward that person.  I don’t always like having my kids’ dad at every event, but then I remind myself, it’s not about me, it’s about them and I let it go, for their sake.  It wasn’t always that easy, but it can be done, if everyone would just put the kids first.  Just please grow up for your kids’ sake.   No one “owns” their kids – parents are just blessed enough to be able to help shape them and watch them become who they were created to be. 




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