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Rainbow Land of Forgiveness

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


In the land at the end of the rainbow

Rugged rocks, jagged edges, barren ground

With the gulls, solitary hike, moving slow

Alienation, true meaning I found.


With the misty morning dew making me slide,

Sat down and thought, “I am not alone.”

My soul became bare, nothing to hide –

Looked to heaven, “For life, what have I shown?”


 Not always was I kind, generous or fair

When asked to assist, sometimes turned away

Mistakes too many to cite, didn’t care,

Facing God, my judgment, what would I say?


Then out came the light, sky brilliant and clear

Pulse slowing down, filled with silence, serene

Feeling His presence, a slight breeze, He’s near

Knowing forgiveness is there, proof unseen. 

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Lost Child

By Renee Weatherbee


Blank, expressionless is her mind

Days merging as one –

Hungry to satisfy the void

Of wasted minutes, useless time spent.


Ecstasy is only a promise

Lost in the jumble of her world;

Wildly grasping and probing,

Her spirit deprived grows dull.


Child abandoned and depraved

Flailing between anguish and despair,

The lonesome cry of the owl

Echoes through her soul.


They chided her to shame

Wounds bred eternal scars

And still she strived to please…

Unnoticed was her endeavor.


Vague memories of violence surface

Blocked by the passage of time;

Family torn piece by piece

Until walls ascend, hope thwarted.

"Recognized Poetry Award" from



By Rita Renee Weatherbee


The darkness

and bitterness

of my soul


each moment

consumed in you.

"Recognized Poetry Award" from                 


Bison and Their People Restored

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


 Majestic, strong, wild, free, spiritual –

Beast the white man nearly destroyed,

Tied to your relatives of the Plains

Threw up dust from thundering hooves.


The tribes honored you, existed through you,

Used every part of you, hunted you

Prayed and gave thanks for you,

You kept them warm, fed and safe.


The government allowed your destruction

To keep the Indian off wealthy lands –

They left your carcasses there to rot

Selling the shaggy, warm hides for profit.


All that meat turned rancid, bled to the ground

Could have sustained a people for years

Their culture, their honor, their lives shattered

To wipe out the free and proud, the native people.


Both now being restored, the herds of bison

Once again roaming the grassy prairies

The people who honored these lands

Their spirit and culture revived to prominence.

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Black Widow

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


Do we sit in the darkness

Because of the shame?

Dictated by nature

To play out the game,

Coyly waiting to breed life

Enticing him, legs flashing

Caught in a web of deceit

Innocent male, stupid, but dashing

Does he not know his own fate?

Cannot he sense the final act?

Regardless the reason: spite or hate

We are programmed, “You must kill

The darlings,” and so we comply

We bite off their heads

Then contemplate, “Why?”

Do we wear black out of grief?

The red spot, because our heart bleeds?



              Borrowed Blessing from God

 By Rita Renee Weatherbee


Anticipation of holding God’s borrowed blessing

Is when a mother’s love begins, never ending

In her welcoming, warm arms, no greater joy

Than to cuddle her baby, her own personal miracle

No greater gift from Heaven above; no greater love

Than when a mother gives herself over selflessly

Mary held Jesus to her breast conscious time was short

Knowing and accepting God’s plan for the world

All of us living on borrowed time, not aware of when

God will call, fulfilling his promise of an eternal home

Still, there is no greater pain than when a mother

Witnesses her child’s return to that cherished place

Until they can rejoin, no greater sorrow to bear

The loss of her child the most painful agony

A mother’s love will never die, yet hope springs

From the promise Jesus gave of life ever after

That one day, she will see her child in a better place,

The greatest gift of all, God’s heavenly domain.

You will be forever missed, Brandon and Aimee

The Decision

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


Analyzing her doctor’s words,

Her anxiety deepened,

Twenty-two years gone, sucked down the drain

Mood darkening, like the pounding rain.

 Two rambunctious girls, mortgage paid

Freedom loudly demanded

He’d hate the news, a new baby

He’d accuse, a trap, she’d say, “Maybe!”

 She almost missed the narrow curve

Because her tears were blinding;

She’d thought it was just menopause

Doctor said pregnancy was the cause.

Divorce was the word he’d shouted

Someone else fulfills his needs

She’d given him love whenever he’d wanted

Making love, so wildly, undaunted.

 She’d tell him goodbye and good luck

She’d raise this one on her own

Because she loved it already so

Not wanting to hold him, she’d yell, “Go!”

Just as the decision was made

Her nerves calmed down, she reached out

For a tissue, drying her tears,

Took a deep breath erasing her fears.

 Before she could pull the car back

Lost control, went sliding fast

She saw before her the side of a hill

The impact so hard, it left her still.


   Littering Idiots

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


Driving along the highway, I peal out my anger

Feel the need to stone those who fling their trash

I’d like to pounce upon their prideless, callous souls

That allow plastic, paper, and repulsive rubbish

To pile up like it’s some kind of finished fortune

What idiots steal away the beauty of this land?




by Rita Renee Weatherbee


Lacking in true motivation

Searching for some great inspiration

Tackle this task, scarce ambition

My mind scattered, no concentration

To get it done, my intention

If I fail, there will be damnation

Feeling some slight irritation

Causing me immense stress and friction

Tired eyes, can barely function

Can hardly sit up, pay attention

Stab this feat, no dedication

Get angry, negative emotion

The task no clue to formation

Don’t know the cause of the reduction

Get to work or new occupation!

Stand Exposed in the Light

By Rita Renee Weatherbee


Let down the curtain, stand exposed in the Light

Free your spirit by being who you might

Turn not around and flee from the scene

Hold yourself out there, dazzling and serene

Do not fear to come forward you essence

Astound everyone with your presence

All we can do is be who we are

All we can do is grasp for a star

The more we disclose our true entity

The more at peace will be our identity

Live by good principles and look toward the sky

Be honorable and just, hold your head high

Play out your life before the curtain falls

Give it your greatest when obligation calls

Too soon the act will come to a close

Just as sure as God’s pure love flows.

Written for my sweet daughters:  Amber, Angel and Arin                 

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